3 Best Free Valid AMP Templates for Blogspot Blog

Free Download AMP Template for Blogger

The development of AMP-based blogs is growing rapidly. Not only in WordPress blogs, but also free CMS like blogger. This is marked by the increasing number of valid AMP blogger templates.

Although not many are made by masters such as Arlina, KompiAjaib.com, and others, but these premium-class templates you can use to learn. Template blogger valid AMP is completely free to use!

Here are 3 best valid blogger template AMP our version, along with the download link:

Infinie  AMP blogger Themes is created by a blogger master named Arlina which is published in IDNThemes. This template is very easy to see and of course quickly accessed because it is based on AMP. You can download it for free.

Key Features:
  • Valid AMP
  • Elegant Look
  • Valid Schema.org
  • Shortcodes
  • Support Disquss Comment
  • No thumbnail support on posts, only on the front page only.
  • No logo image

Kompi-Design AMP is a template by Adhy Suryadi, who is a master blogger who has blog KompiAjaib. I personally learned a lot from him about AMP.
This template impressed modern design and flat design, and can menaikin CTR Adsense you certainly.

Key Features:

  • Modern Design
  • Sticky Header
  • High CTR
  • AMP-Sidebar for recent comment
  • Full documentations

  • Maybe a less suitable color combination (I think)

MDC AMP is a valid template of AMP works by MDC site published in Goomsite. This template is cool in my opinion, I've also used it. You can download for free you know!

  • High CTR
  • Modern Design


  • No thumbnails in mobile version
  • No logo image
  • The mobile version is sometimes too wide

Well that's him 3 best valid blogger template AMP in my opinion, there is more cool? Let's comment below.

Anas Ibn Yousuf

Hi Everyone, I am Anas from Kerala, One of the owners of PDFuploads. I have 8 Years of experience in Blogging.

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